Pleasures of Imagination - 2021


Without intention but with purpose, nature is unparalleled in its perfect beauty. When seeking the same perfection in man-made creation, we find a paradox; the beauty of nature resides in its unintentional fundament, which we can not comprehend, therefore we admire it. When we perceive the creations of others, we naturally seek out the intention, and we find one. We form a connection to the perceived intention and the emotions evoked shape our definition of beauty presented by a man-made object or situation.

It is what sets us apart from all living beings around us; the ability to form judgment, based on our own emotional connection to the perceived intention of a real or fictional object or situation. We seek ‘truth’ behind the intention in creation. When we succeed in justifying what corresponds to our self-image and current emotional state in a work, we judge that work as pleasurable.

‘The first impression and emotional attachment to a subject are what forms the base from which I take direction to create a new, meaningful experience for someone else to adopt into their imagination. Moments lost in time, revisited, gaining a new purpose and expose the simple intention to connect.’

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