tide of manhattan

Tide of Manhattan is about the fascinating appeal of New York and how it connects to our perception of the ‘American dream’.

I: At first glance, it is the greatness that this city reflects back to us. The thousands of buildings form an endless skyline, the pinnacles of success, sprouting from the ground in a never-ending ode to what we can achieve as an individual.

II: The rise to the top inevitably comes with one having to start from the bottom. That is how we put success in a perspective where it relates to us and becomes a reachable goal.

III: However the deceiving nature of the glass facade is that they lead us away from reality, those who seek out success may ultimately be guided into their demise.

IV: Success is often connected to how well we adapt to existing structures in society and if you never find a way to fit in your chances at succes will greatly diminish.

V: Many of us know the deceiving nature of the ‘American dream’, but still persevere, mostly because in the end, we want to be close to the one place that makes us feel like we have a purpose in life.